Counselling for Lack of Self Confidence & Self Esteem

Causes of low self-esteem

Your early environment and influences can have a major effect on how your confidence has developed throughout your early life – along with the type of person you are and the strength of your ego.  Children who have been unable to have their needs understood usually retain the habit. This causes the roots of dysfunction that follow you all through your life.  This in turn creates a huge pressure on you to somehow ‘pretend’ socially that you are the person you would like to be whilst harbouring huge feelings of failure and self-consciousness.

I believe all emotional problems stem from a basic loss of confidence and self-esteem.

Unhappiness can arise out of something circumstantial recently or be much more deep rooted than that, often from childhood. It is vital in the counselling relationship that you feel safe so you can be guided through what can be painful territory. Feelings you may never have shared with anyone before. If these life affecting circumstances or trauma aren’t examined the mood just deteriorates and festers until breakdown eventually occurs. We all need to be listened to and ideally in a discreet and totally confidential environment.

So often we keep making the same mistakes in relationships, almost unknowingly because that is the way we have been programmed – usually from childhood. Negative repeat behaviour is understandable and can be passed down through the generations.

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